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Educational Model

Educational philosophy

The educational model of the Madison Bilingual School is constructivism. It is based on research, reflection and the active participation of the students.

In constructivism, the teacher understands that the students have different levels of intellectual and moral performances, critical thinking and/or acceptance of what they hear, as well as different ways of studying, motivation and attitude towards learning.

Therefore, the teacher´s task is to find the right formulas to help, the group in general and each and every student, to build their own learning experience, teaching them how to think, and to think about thinking (metacognition).

In the constructivist environment, we strive for the autonomy and initiative of the students. We try to use primary sources together with physical, interactive and manipulable materials. The fundamental axis is research.

In this way, the Library, the technology room and the children´s work environment support their academic development.

Now we will mention some differences between Constructivism and the Traditional system:



Educational Process

Teacher centered.

Student centered.


Study as a subject.

It is assimilated and reflected in attitudes in the daily life.


The only authority; unquestionable.

The authority is shared, everything is questionable.

Sources of knowledge

Teacher and books.

Everything around the student.

Getting material ready

Assume only one level of knowledge in the group.

We know there are several layers of knowledge.

Academic program focus.

Is more important to acquire knowledge.

It is important to acquire knowledge and develop skills and attitudes.


Encyclopedia and ephemeral.

Relevant, meaningful and long lasting.

Assessment strategies

Grants more value to information remembered.

Class work, group work, presentations, debates, trips, etc.