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Life at School

The Schools which belong to the Madison Group have series of traditions which characterize and distinguish them.

All of them have a common element which could vary from one to the other, but it is always related with the development of our students, with sharing time with the parents, and with spending time together which fosters meeting those people who will surely benefit us.

Another important element in life at school and which keeps them up to date in the educational quality is training and personal development.

Madison community

Comunidad Madison

The Madison Schools seek to establish links with their respective communities and has event such as Family Day, Fairs, Intercollegiate sport day, Grandfather´s Day, Mother´s day and Father´s day. The goal here is to have a place and a time to spend time together with everyone who is part of the school.

Also, seeking to help develop an updated and well informed educational community, we sponsor a series of conferences during the school cycle, given by well-known experts in the subjects of holistic development and family issues, trying to involve the parents in the educational process of the students.

Regarding the academic part, every year we have the Cultural Week where each group inquires about a country, within the framework of the United Nations Day. On this day the students have different activities all related to culture such as mimic workshops, story-telling, theater plays, exhibits. On that same week we have an altar to commemorate the day of the Deceased, offered to an outstanding individual. To conclude, on the first week of November we have the Book Fair where several companies bring in their best books. We invite the parents to all these events so they can see how their children have been working.

Well aware of the importance of fostering and promoting civic education among their students, in the Madison Schools we have every week the Honors to the Flag with the active participation of its Escort and re commemorate the most important historic dates such as, the Revolution, the Independence, the Flag Day.

International Events

Since it is an IB School, the Madison Schools Foster an inter-national mentality in all their activities, not only within the classrooms, but also trying to make the students participate in international events.

Eventos Internacionales

International events:

Mind Odyssey

British English Olympics

Model of the United Nations

Education First (EF)

Scientific projects

Leadership programs

Every year we have an international educational program to provide problem solving opportunities to challenge the creativity of students of different ages.

The teams shall apply their creativity to solve a variety of problems building mechanical devices to introducing their interpretation of a classical play.

They present their solutions in the national competition (Monterrey), and if they classify, then they participate in the world competition which takes place in the United States. Students from all over the United States and about 25 countries participate in this program.

This is an event organized by ISIS Educational Group, an institution credited by the British Council.

This one has been offered since 1989 and more than 50 countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East have participated; Mexico has been invited since 2009 and in 2011 it was opened to schools in South America.

This is one of the most important events for English as a second language since it measures the skills of students from one school to another school, competing in the different expressions of the English language.

At the Madison Schools we seek to develop in the students those skills which will allow them to face the challenges they will have when they are adults.

In this way, we invite the Junior High students to participate in a Model of the United Nations organized by several educational institutions.

Upon participating, they realize the complexity of the problems in the world and most of all that there are no good or bad sides, but that each side has its own reasons to participate in the conflict.

This event is a simulation of the committees of said institution, where the participants debate according to the official views of the country they represent.

EF is an organization with more than 40 years of experience in teaching languages abroad. They have about 400 schools around the world.

In 2011 they offered for the first time a two week program in England where, after evaluating the Junior High students, they select the five best educational institutions in the State.

Two of the Madison Schools were selected to participate in this competition together with other Mexican schools. In addition to the academic activities the students have the opportunity of planning cultural and recreational visits.

The Madison Group fosters the participation of their students in projects where the students have to apply the scientific method. Therefore it is constantly evaluating different institutions who organize events where the students can apply this cognitive skill.

Some of these are:

Immersion Presents: a scientific program committed to helping students to share the adventure, emotion and learning involved in the scientific discovery. One of the activities is "ExpoSciences IMMERSION" organized by the Prepa Tec, where the Junior High students who participate in IMMERSION show their best research projects.

Coastal American Student Summit on the Ocean and Climate: here we have participating delegations of students and scientists from all over the world bringing their projects on how the children and the youth can protect and preserve the marine ecosystems by involving the entire community.

The goal for the participation of Junior High students in leadership programs is to develop in them skills such as critical thinking and effective communication as well as decision making.

iLead: Through different activities the Schools work with several aspects such as integration, communication, team work, student leadership vocation and self-knowledge.

FELC(Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge): is a company simulation tool at an international level where the student has the opportunity, among other things, to develop products and companies, of getting involved in sales and marketing processes, of signing contracts, of debating, reflecting, of spending time with students their own age such as community leaders, of doing team work, of standing out at an individual level and of having a lot of fun.

Afternoon Classes

Academias Vespertinas

In accordance with its philosophy of developing integral students, the school offers afternoon classes seeking to complement their education. Therefore, they can choose from a variety of activities which we offer trying to cover the different options of the students such as:

  • Language (Mandarin, French, Japanese)
  • Sport ((kick ball, Basketball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Tae Kwon do, Athletics)
  • Artistic (Jazz, Plastic Arts)
  • Music (Piano, Guitar, Drums)
  • Formative (UN Model) (UN Model)



Alliances, relationships and agreements with international organizations

The Madison Schools have several agreements and alliances with different institutions.

Companies:: the schools offer a discount to employees of
companies such as Metalsa, Whirpool, Lala, ITESM, UdeM.


Academic:: degrees for teachers and scholarships for students graduating from Junior High.

Associations: some of the schools of the Madison Group belong to associations such as AMEXCAOBI, Federation of Private Schools.